A new variant of ransomware has been identified by Sophos names “Zepto”. This variant replicates the locky malware where all files are encrypted, renamed and the file extension of “.zepto” added to each file. This malware is spread by the use of phishing emails claiming to be providing documents / scanned images that have been requested previously. These emails contain […]

You can take a number of steps to reduce the chances of becoming a victim of the current malware threats: Do not open attachments without double checking who the email is from. Have anti-virus installed and up-to-date Keep operating system up=to-date and patched Be aware of current malicious attacks by reading the news. Ensure software is up-to-date for example internet […]

A solicitor’s in Cheltenham were subject to a PBX hack on their telephone system which resulted in a financial loss of £376. Hackers accessed the system and made calls to a premium rate Japanese telephone number. In Order to prevent you becoming the next victim: Use strong pin/passwords for your voicemail system, ensuring they are changed regularly If you still […]