New Malware Distribution Campaign Targeting SW Businesses

A number of businesses have been infected with Dridex. To minimise the risk please consider:

  • Only allowing admin privileges to individuals who really need it
  • Ensuring SPAM filters are turned on.
  • Ensuring macros is not automatically enabled. This will ensure you get a prompt to enable macros when an office attachment requiring macros is opened – unless you recognise the sender of the email do not enable, just delete the message.
  • Removing any banking Smartcard from the reader when you are not conducting a transaction, logging on or making amendments as a system administrator.
  • Utilising a stand-alone machine for all online banking kept separate from their email platform.
  • Logging off from online banking when finished with banking tasks

In order to reduce the chances of becoming a victim of any type of malware please consider

  • Have anti-virus software installed and up-to-date.
  • Keep operating systems up-to-date and patched.
  • Ensure software is up-to-date, for example internet browsers, Java and Adobe.
  • Restrict the type of websites staff/ you can access.
  • Prevent employees from using their own devices at work e.g. USB devices
  • Change passwords often