Ransomware – Swindon

  • There have been a report of a ransomware attack on a Swindon-based business.
  • The victim received a fake email apparently from the County Court which had a zipped file attached to it.
  • The victim opened the file and with seconds it started to encrypt the files on the computer.
  • After encryption, a message appeared instructing the victim on how to open a bitcoin accounts and buy bitcoins (BTC) in order to pay the ransom. The victim has not paid the ransom.
  • The amount requested in BTC and type of malware is currently unknown.

Preventing Ransomware

  • Make sure you have anti-virus software installed and ensure it is kept up to date and running in real time.
  • Keep browsers, operating systems, Adobe and other applications up to date and patched against vulnerabilities.
  • Backups are an absolute necessity in protecting your data. Backup files regularly, store the backups on external storage and physically disconnect the storage from the computer and network between backups. Ensure you verify the backups as well.
  • There are many fake emails with malicious attachments circulating the Internet. If you receive an uninvited email containing an attachment then do not instantly open it unless you are 100% sure of its origin.
  • If macros are not commonly used on the computer then disabling them will greatly reduce the chance of infection or chose “enable with notifications”. This should prompt you before macros are utilised.


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Thanks to the Gloucestershire Police for alerting us to this information.


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